Beach tennis playground is 16 meters long and 8 meters wide and is identical to beach volleyball playground. In the middle of the playground there is a net at a height of 1.70 meters and it divides it into two equal parts.


For playing beach tennis we use slightly softer balls, as they are used for tennis.


For playing beach tennis special rackets should be used, which are made specifically for this game.


When playing beach tennis points are considered the same as in tennis. In the 40-40 result, the game decided the winner the following point (without adventage – No Ad). Each set is played in 6 games obtained by the extended game (tie-breakom) at 6-6. The game is obtained in two tie-break set.


In each match the two teams compete, each team consists of two players, the same way as the game of doubles tennis. Exchange in the team is not allowed when one player is injured and can not continue with the game, the opponent wins this match.


Players hit the ball over the net, as in tennis or badminton, that is with smash or volley. Pair is allowed only one hit, and not three, as in volleyball. If the ball touches the ground in the game, the player who is not able to return before the touch, you lose the point. Ball bouncing is therefore not allowed, as is allowed in tennis. A player who, during a game in any way touches the net or before or after a strike "enter" above or below the net in the opponent's field (also applies to the bat), lose the point.


Server has only one service. Servicing is carried out so that the server behind the baseline, served whole, to the opposite field, then both the parallel and diagonal. If the served ball touches the net and get through it, in the opponent's box, the game continues (despite service is therefore right touch - the same rule applies as in volleyball, not as in tennis).Defender, whose turn it is to defend, have to return the ball before it fall to the ground, otherwise the defender lose the point.


Match is played with three or four balls, without replacement during the match.

All cases which do not appear in these rules, subject to the same provisions as in tennis, will ultimately be decided by the referee.